The game or experience is designed to run inside a single or multiple browsers set to fill the big screen. Using either a dedicated app, or within the visuals on the screen the audience are presented with a URL to access the game. Once a smartphone or tablet is connected to the game, a unique avatar appears on the game screen and a game controller appears on the users device to direct their unique avatar. After the interaction the system is able to refresh content on the mobile phone to capture data or offer user rewards.

BigPlay was asked to create a version of Splat! for Motherboard and AT&T's Mobile Movement Event March 8th-11th. For this event BigPlay brought their birds to Austin for SXSW Interactive 2014 to wreak havoc on the city. The game was redesigned with the Austin skyline, monuments and targets. Illustrations were created by Brooklyn-based artists Reid Uhrich and Julia Cagninelli

The Mobile Movement
March 8th - 11th
401 E Cesar Chavez Street
(right behind the convention center)

NY Times Article